21 Pragmatic SEO Tips to Forge a Solid Web Presence

It is rightly said that successful SEO can never begin by tricking the biggest search engine, that is, Google. Rather, it’s all about forging a great partnership with it to provide your prospective customers with optimum search results.

Every business owner dreams of gaining more traffic from the search engine. If you’re one among this increasing of entrepreneurs. Then you have arrived at the right place. Here are some of the best kept SEO secrets that can help you generate more than 4 lakh, unique visitors, every single month!

The time is ripe to implement all of them in 2021.

Let’s begin.

  1. Heed the RankBrain Algorithm

Google always keeps updating its algorithm to give its users the best search experience. RankBrain is the foremost machine learning algorithm. It measures how happy the users feel from the content on your site. The more your content satisfies the user, and the higher your page will rank. You need to optimize your website for this algorithm. Two easy ways by which you can do that is:

  • Enhance your organic CTR – CTR or click-through-rate means how people are engaging with your site when it comes in the search result. If people do not click on your site, then your ranking will drop. The best way to improve your CTR is to pay attention to your title and description tag. Let your titles and descriptions contain more numbers.
  • Improve your bounce rate by breaking your content into small chunks and making it readable, especially on phone or tablet.
  1. Make Use of the Keyword Research Goldmine, Reddit

Reddit is truly a goldmine if you want to find long-tail keywords for your content. To leverage its power, all you have to do is go to it, search for a topic related to your niche, and browse through various threads that crop up. Carefully scan these threads and look for words or phrases that are being used repeatedly. These continuously occurring words and phrases are what people are searching for in Google. You will be surprised at the amount of useful and unique keywords that you can discover from it.

  1. Make Terrific Title and Descriptions Via Adwords

Pages that ran above in the search engine results are always filled with click-worthy titles and descriptions. But you need to find out what people want to click on. A simple hack for it is to look at Google’s Adwords ads. Find the copy from the ads and weave it into your title and description ads. For instance, you want to publish an article for the keyword ‘best bedsheets.’ Look for the Adwords ad on Google and include them in your meta tags. You will instantly notice more clicks into your content.

  1. Get the Best Keywords for Yourself

Did you know that you can get ahead of your competitors by stealing their keywords ethically? Start by searching for a competitor site that ranks high on Google. Then, paste the site’s homepage URL into a keyword tool. SEMrush will work perfectly. As you do that you will find a list of keywords getting displayed. These keywords are what helps that site to rank high.

However, remember that many of their keywords may not exactly suit the niche of your business. Ensure that you are paying attention to the keywords that your specific audience searches for and around which you can make terrific content.

  1. Increase the Length of Your Content

People are not interested in reading tiny blog posts. Do you know that pages that rank above in Google search results have content at least 1400 words long? Long content helps Google to know that you are providing your readers with detailed content. Such content also gives unique insights to the reader, unlike a 200-300 words article.

  1. Use Internal Link to Rank High

Do you know that even the most high-quality content gets stuck on the second page instead of forging its way to the first? So how can you ensure that you are staying on the top? Hop on over to Google Search Console and tap on the Search results button. There you will see a button called ‘Average position’. Here you can find the ranking of every keyword. You only need to filter the result and find keywords between the positions ranging from 11 to 30.

If you find that the clicks on your page mainly come from a keyword that is on second or third search result page, stay assured that the keyword possesses a good volume.

Next, figure out authority pages on your website. Paste your website’s URL into an SEO tool like Ahrefs. Then hit ‘Best Buy Links.’ You will soon get a list of authoritative links. Now all you need to do is add internal links from the authority pages.

  1. Revamp and Republish Previous Blog Posts

You can make use of techniques like adding a new case study to your old post and turn it into a whole new and improvised blog post. You can then promote it by notifying your subscribers about it through e-mail or newsletter.

  1. Use Long-tail Keywords Wisely

Including just one keyword in your Title tag will prevent the search engine from noticing you. What you can do in such a case is put your target keyword and search another keyword closely related to it. You can then embed that long-tail keyword into the title of your post.

For example, if your target keyword is ‘cotton bedsheets’ but you see that another keyword ‘bedsheets for summer’ also has a good search volume, you can embed it into your target keyword and make your title something like ‘the best cotton bedsheets for summer’. You will be amazed at your improved ranking on the search engine.

  1. Identify Link Building Avenues Specific to Your Domain

Search engines like Google highly regard link relevancy for determining the importance of your site. A great website where you can identify link-building opportunities is Flippa.com. People here sell their site and provide everything that they did to build it. It directly means that you’ll discover the keywords they used, their link sources, and content marketing tactics they implemented.

  1.                   Start Optimising Your Content for Semantic SEO

Semantic search means the capacity of search engines to comprehend different subjects and then rank their search results. You need to optimize your website for it. Begin by optimizing your web page around your target keyword. After that, write content on a variety of sub-topics relevant to your target keyword. It will enable Google to fully gauge not only the keyword but also the topic of your entire content.

  1.                   Look at YouTube Descriptions as Short Blog Posts

Run any keyword on Google and you will be greeted by tons of YouTube video results. Do you want one of those videos to be yours? Just write a short video description of not more than 250 words containing all the popular keywords in it. Use common sense here. Google can very well make sense of the written content but it cannot make sense of video content. Naturally, if you want your videos to rank higher, your best bet is to include high-ranking keywords in your video descriptions.

  1.                   Discover a Mine of Undiscovered Keywords

If you’re using the same short-tail keywords that your competitors are using, you and your competitor will see the same keywords. In other words, there will be no difference between what you are doing and what your competitor is doing. You want to change this situation.

To get ahead, hop on to the site of an SEO tool like SeedKeywords.com and tap on ‘Create Scenario’. Then tap on ‘create my scenario’ to receive a special link. You can then dispatch this link to other people and be amazed at the list of unique seed keywords that you receive.

  1.                   Reveal Content from Tabs

If you have some content in drop downs, then you need to bring out that content. Researches have shown that content that is added into the main body of the web page performs way better than which is kept inside different tabs. It is because people engage more with what is in front of them. They will not necessarily go inside a specific tab to know more about something.

  1.                   Find Untapped Keywords from Wikipedia

Are you spending most of your time in front of Google Keyword Planner to find monthly search volume and are at a loss of new ideas to generate content about? Go over to Wikipedia. When you are there, be mindful of sections that showcase topics and keywords that are relevant to your target keyword? You can find them in the ‘Content.’ You can also find a lot of keywords by looking at their internal links and ‘See Also’ section.

  1.                   Have Some FAQs on Your Page

FAQs and How-to schema are now included in the search results of Google. They give you a chance to influence people to click on your content. FAQs enable you to provide more detailed information on a specific topic.

  1.                   Eliminate Links That are Unnecessary

We’ve mentioned before how links enable your website to rank higher. But think about it. Do you really require link team page link on every single webpage of your site? Is it necessary to greet users with a ‘Contact Us’ form on every webpage? Sometimes, yes. But most often, they tend to irritate users.

Removing unnecessary links like these can make you pass a greater amount of link equity through those that actually count.

  1.                   Rank High by Making Your Own Keywords

When you are the creator of something authentic like a business product, then you become the only one who can optimize it. If your product is a hit among people, you will soon start to rank on the first page.

For doing something like this, just name the technique that you have made whether it’s a unique weight loss advice or a shortcut to becoming more efficient at work.

  1.                   Use ‘Best of’ Blog Posts to Your Advantage

Various bloggers who are blogging about the stuff in your domain make tons of ‘best of’ blog posts. These posts are a list of blogs that have high-quality material in a specific niche. By searching best (keyword) posts/blogs to read in 2021, you can find a list of the most famous blogs in a specific category. Now all you need to do is to contact them whenever you want your content to gain more visibility.

  1.                   Enhance Your URLs

The URL of a particular webpage gives users a glimpse into what they can expect. Needless to say, you need to optimize your URLs and make them simpler. Enrich them by putting your primary keywords within. Don’t put dates on your URLs, and stay away from creating longer URLs. They should convey what your content is all about.

  1.                   Put Images with Alt Tags

There are two necessary prerequisites to every picture on your webpage. They are the Title and Alt Tag. If you want your page to rank higher, consider including your primary keywords in the Alt Tags of your picture.

For example, the post having a keyword ‘how to learn SEO basics’ should have that keyword included in the Alt Tag of images. Alt Tags are basically needed for search engine bots. When a bot crawls your website, it cannot see the image but only the code. When you have keyword-rich Alt Tags, these bots can identify the image and thus, help your page to rank high.

  1.                   Facilitate People to Share Your Posts on Social Media

Content that isn’t shared will always remain at the bottom. To gain greater visibility, you should not only produce quality content, but also ensure that it is shared across different social media platforms. An easy way to enable people to share your online content is by including a provision of social share. The more your content is shared, the more visibility it attains.

There you go! These are some of the most actionable yet simple SEO tactics that you can start implementing right away. It’s time to get noticed by Google!


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