5 Expert Local SEO Tips for Every CBD business

If you own a marijuana dispensary or manage the SEO strategy for such dispensaries, you must be well familiar with the importance of local search marketing and local SEO. Both of these exert an immense influence when attempting to enhance search engine rankings for a marijuana dispensary. 

With all the restrictions that bound CBD advertising, it has become more critical than ever for a marijuana dispensary to achieve a better ranking on search engines. Enhancing this ranking requires local SEO expertise. With the various changes that the search algorithms of Google undergo every year, it's essential to understand how it's local search algorithm works.

Your website's SEO can benefit immensely if you comprehend the new local SEO ranking factors of Google. When you gain a good understanding of it, you'll come to know precisely which ranking factors matter to your dispensary the most. 

The Most Critical Local Ranking Factors for Your Local CBD Business

Knowing about the local ranking factors that affect your local business will put you straight on the path to growth, leaving your competitors behind. Let's get to it.

The significance of links

Links are hands down the most critical competitive advantage any local CBD business website can have to enhance not only their local SEO but also their web presence. Unlike building links for national brands, local businesses can lower their targets slightly. When you think of local first, you will witness significant improvements from a local shop linking to you than a more potent website that isn't in your area. Some ways you can build links include:

  • Guest posts – Offer to write guest posts on various popular websites in your niche.
  • Sponsored posts – It's a promoted post that is featured on various platforms.
  • Case studies – Journalists are always searching for informative case studies that they can use in their articles. 
  • Competitor links – It implies finding out the links that your competitors have earned. You can easily reach out to those publications and find opportunities to get featured.
  • Influencers – It means asking an influencer to review your product. They will definitely link back to your website.

Keywords and User Engagement

An assessment of the various ranking factors for marijuana dispensaries reveals that keywords and user engagement on your site are of tremendous significance. The fact that Google's search algorithms are quite complex and intelligent is not hidden from anyone. But finding the user intent associated with the search query will always be influenced by what a person enters in the search box. 

It's a good practice to use long-tail keywords and long-tail associated terms in three places. The first is in your on-page copy and the second in your GMB page's back-end metadata. It should also be included in your business website, particularly in the location and landing pages. 

The more suitable and optimized words you use, the higher your local search engine rankings will go.

Create a Google My Business Account

To gain a better ranking for your local CBD business, the thought of creating a Google My Business Account should come naturally to you. If you haven't yet done it, go to google login for setting up an account and adding your business. They will need verification for you being actually based on the address you've specified. Therefore, they'll send a postcard featuring the verification code. If it doesn't arrive, request it again. 

Your Google My Business Account should have a rich description, and any special deals or offers that you have planned for your customers. You should also include a number of pictures of your shop. However, more importantly, you should ensure that you select the suitable category that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Don't Underestimate Google's Toolbar PageRank

The Toolbar PageRank of Google is a great functionality that many SEO specialists have utilized for years. It's a free tool given by Google. A majority of SEO experts employ a browser or a tool that displays to them the page rank information from Google. It is great for conducting both keyword research and competitive search engine optimization.

Recently, Google announced that they were eliminating the toolbar PageRank data. In the words of the search engine, "The Toolbar PageRank score has become less useful to users as a single isolated metric." 

But if you care to look at the local SEO ranking factor list, you'll find PageRank to be among the top 15 SEO ranking factors. It's quite surprising to observe how Google explicitly mentioned to the community of SEO professionals to ignore this vital ranking factor. But it still figures at the top of the list. So if you have been neglecting this crucial factor it's important to start paying attention to it again. 

Local Pages

If you want to rank for a few specific areas, this is the perfect trick you can implement. For example, if your area is Toronto, you can have a page on CBD products in Toronto where you talk more about your shop and the rising interest for CBD products in the Toronto area. You can also discuss the possible delivery. 

After that, you can have a page on a specific CBD product in an area that is very near to Toronto, like Brampton. People who reside in Brampton would be glad to walk over to Toronto to visit your store. It's a very common trick, and you can service multiple areas if you desire to rank for more than a single location.

Wrapping up

When you closely look at it, local SEO isn't rocket science. But it is essential for a legal cannabis dispensary. You should look at the information provided in this article as a guide to increase your rankings on the search engines. Indeed, you'll certainly get many insightful hints on areas where you can enhance your local SEO rankings. Implement the techniques mentioned above to increase the sales of your CBD products, your customer and become a prominent seller in your area.  

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