6 Significant SEO Trends That Will Continue in 2022

If there are two things that the SEO industry and Google algorithm updates share, it's their unpredictable nature. Indeed, so much happens in the domain of SEO that those trying to increase their organic traffic have to be on top of all new developments at all times. 

Google will never reveal any factor that it uses to rank a website. So, marketers have to rely on speculations and data-driven insights to boost their search rankings. 2021 brought many new revelations for them. Let us take a look at some of the year's SEO trends that are bound to stay strong this year as well. 

  1. Video SEO Receives Two Structured Data

Google has been very kind to those engaged in video SEO. It launched two dedicated structured data, Seek Markup and Clip Markup, to enable video content to appear on the SERP with the Key Moments feature. A platform that hosts video can gain much from employing any of the above-mentioned structured data markups. The clip markup informs Google of the timestamps in your video, while the Seek Markup automatically communicates about it to Google.

Video content creators are always searching for ways to boost the click-through rate of their content. Now they can do so through the search engine results page by using these two new markups. So isn't that great news for them?!

  1. Leverage MUM for Enhancing Your Ranking

One of the major achievements of Google has been its constant endeavour to provide the best search experience to users. The Multitask United Model (MUM) that is soon to be launched by the search engine is ten times more powerful than the algorithms implemented so far. It can effectively analyze text, images, and videos in 75 languages to answer even the most complex search queries.

MUM is developed to understand the user intent to respond close to what the user wants. Some of the ways it is expected to impact search are given below.

  • You can start seeing a novel kind of result that blends all information to enable users to get highly-specific answers to their queries. It can imply 0 click results on the search. It is a thing that we are already experiencing. 
  • Get ready to employ structured data. The search giant takes all the structured data from its 'Knowledge Graph.' Markups drive the data on every website. 
  • Long-form content is certainly going to prevail. It's because if a search result can offer a user a huge chunk of information, then it is more than welcome.
  • Keyword stuffing is about to expire. The more you focus on natural content that addresses a customer's pain point, the more it will be relevant for Google.
  1. Enhanced Featured Snippets

Of course, MUM falls in the category of one of the big tweaks that Google plans to make. Along with that, they have also added small changes like the Passage Ranking Update. With this update, the search engine can index the entire web page and separate passages from that specific page. These passages are called 'featured snippets.'

This change is very helpful for voice search results as it allows people to discover the precise answer they are searching for. Today's users are more specific and intentional in forming their search queries. In light of this fact, featured snippets will assume much more importance.

  1. Focus on User Search Intent Optimization

In the upcoming years, if you don't prioritize users' search intent while creating content for your website, you'll ruin all your chances of ranking high. Therefore, optimizing your content according to the user's search intent is important for ensuring that users engage with your content for a considerable time. It will act as a signal for Google to boost your site's ranking. 

But apart from that, it will also allow you to expand your awareness and drive qualified leads to your site. Focusing on search queries will also enable brands to develop competitive content that their audience is hungry to consume. 

In a nutshell, search intent optimized content will allow you to:

  • Meet the requirements of your target audience.
  • Drive relevant leads to your platform.
  • Engage the audience for a long time.
  • Come across as an authority figure in your domain.
  1. Emphasis on Behavioral Analytics

SEO has undoubtedly transformed over the years. In 2022, we can see businesses working extra hard to close the gap between ROI and website traffic. Keyword volume won't be as significant as the focus on behavioural analytics.

In order to increase revenues and conversions, businesses will need to pay greater attention to what their buyers are doing and the steps they can take to facilitate them to take action on their website. 

In simple words, brands' focus will be on understanding their customer's demands to the best of their ability and providing them with valuable solutions.

  1. The EAT Principle Will Dominate

The May 2018 Medic Update of Google clearly stated that the search engine would be prioritizing top quality, expert, and trustworthy content over the one that's optimized. It doesn't mean that traditional SEO practices will disappear. Instead, it shows that the search giant's focus has shifted unequivocally toward credibility and quality.

The EAT principle for website ranking stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Websites that post trustworthy content based on irrefutable facts and evidence will rank higher. This principle is especially important for websites in the education, healthcare, finance, law, and similar sectors that fuel life-altering decisions. 

Final Thoughts

SEO has always played an integral role in helping businesses enhance their awareness and drive sales. It will continue in the upcoming years. But every marketer needs to keep in mind that the search engines are getting smarter and choosier about the pages they rank. In such a scenario, it's important to remain abreast of the latest developments in the domain of SEO. Furthermore, as Google steps up its efforts to provide a world-class search experience to users, it's time for brands to tailor their content and marketing strategy accordingly. After all, it's only when they can please the search engine can they envision a flourishing future for their services. 


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