7 Sure-fire Ways to Advertise Your CBD Products on Facebook

Cannabis or CBD no longer share the status of being some hippie product that it once did. What else can account for numerous marijuana products on the store shelves of eCommerce giants like Amazon? As far as its popularity goes, a 2019 study revealed a remarkable statistic. Almost 40 percent of people between 18-29 years have used it at some point in their lives or are current users. A little more surprising was the revelation that almost 15 percent of people in the age group of 60 years and above had also dabbled in CBD use or were presently using it. 

These statistics conclude that close to half of Americans want to try CBD. In such a scenario, one can wonder why it's so challenging to advertise CBD on Facebook. Well, the answer is there in the Facebook advertising policy. Suffice to say that for CBD marketers out there; it is an incredible feat to get past the watchful eye of Facebook and successfully promote their offerings on this social media platform. 

The guide is curated to tell you what you should be doing to get your ads rolling on this platform to make your tasks a bit easier. 

How Can You Advertise Cannabis Products on Facebook?

There's good news for CBD brands. You can run your product ads on Facebook if you take away all explicit mentions of terms like hemp, cannabis, or CBD from your posts. This year, both Facebook and Instagram, which the former now owns, showcase a certain level of leniency toward their advertising. Many CBD businesses are getting away by publishing their offerings on these platforms on a much larger scale than they were ever able to do before.

You can also take advantage of the leniency of these platforms and market your offerings successfully. Here are some tips worthy of keeping in mind while doing so.

Steer away from making serious medical claims

Always outline the general benefits of your products. Don't go into making medical claims that you are not sure about. But if you need some support, you can cite some sources that are medically backed. Look into resources like the Canadian Medical Association Journal. You will be in a position of authority if you support your statement with evidence from such sources.

Give due emphasis to your local laws.

In order to grow cannabis for sale, you are required to be licenced by Health Canada. In certain instances, you also require a license from the Canada Revenue Agency for selling cannabis . So, it will be a good idea to first know about your local laws. 

Build trust with your customers

Building trust should be the priority of every business, whether it's CBD-related or not. For cannabis brands, forging trust and loyalty can come from testing for contaminants and showcasing your product's quality, which is legally sourced. You can even show lab results that display the percentages of CBD in your items. If CBD is still not legal in your state, these steps will support you when it becomes legal.

Let your Facebook ads direct to a landing page.

It's a good idea to advertise on this platform that makes users arrive at a landing page where your topical CBD item is sold. Companies can also take advantage of creating landing pages that only feature edible hemp products. You can also use these to increase your sales.

Ensure that your domain is free of any CBD mention

Want to run a Facebook or Instagram advertisement that connects to your non-topical cannabis item? You can do it by connecting to a different website that does not feature or mention CBD. If you wish to display images of your item on this particular website, take steps to check whether CBD is not mentioned in the product name. You can mention hemp, but not CBD. 

Set up a blog for your product and promote it

Suppose you are concerned about advertising your website. In that case, you can set a CBD advertisement, so it connects to a review or a blog page that discusses any of your CBD products. Although you cannot sell products directly on a blog, you can link to your website from there.

Build an authoritative voice around 'pain relief.'

Direct clicks to web content with a clear and credible stance around 'pain relief.' Capture their mail and send educational information, materials, and mix your offers with this content suitably. Building your email list should be a high-priority task for you at all times. 

You can also create a pain relief survey on Facebook. It can include questions like:

  • How often have you experienced sleeping problems in the past two weeks?
  • How often do you experience anxiousness or stress at home or your workplace?
  • What percentage of the quality of your life will increase if you sleep better at night?

What to Do When Your Ads Don't Get Approved on Facebook?

If you are finding that Facebook won't approve your ads, it makes sense to check whether your landing page mentions CBD oil or not. Remove any correlation between your main website and your landing page if it explicitly says CBD. A landing page that mentions such a term can easily be crawled by the ad bots of Facebook and get rejected. A history of rejected ads can go against you when you want to get your ads approved. 

Alternatively, you can take some time off from posting hemp and CBD-related ads and direct your attention to something else. Bear in mind that when it comes to CBD and hemp ad policy, you increase your vulnerability of getting your account deleted on getting a rejection. You can address this problem effectively by implementing the points mentioned above.

Summing up

Promoting cannabis seo products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram boils down to some simple things. Measures like staying updated with your region's laws and avoiding the use of banned terms like 'cannabis, or 'CBD' go a long way in ensuring that your ads aren't taken down. Everyone's experience is different. But the tips mentioned above will enable you to connect with your audience better and navigate the challenging landscape of CBD advertising on Facebook. 


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