A Roundup of the Major Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

The digital marketing trends for 2021 seem to center around two distinct but majorly contradictory concepts. The first one is general humanization, tackling real problems, and customizing content to suit the requirements of a specific individual rather than a broad majority for more personal interaction. 

The second one is related to technical optimization, which includes the domains of SEO and the way you structure your marketing campaigns. The article provides some of the prominent digital marketing trends of this year. 

We strongly advise you not to take them lightly lest you want your online visibility and presence to diminish.


It only takes a glance at the front-page headlines to glean the importance of inclusivity in the present-day scenario. Today more than ever, the younger generation and marginalized groups desire to see a hopeful and encouraging depiction of equality in what they consume. It also holds true for the brands they buy.

People today are just not in the mood to consume the same homogeneous content they were used to before.

This year, digital marketing included matters that encompassed various races, religions, sexualities, and the like. The inclusivity factor was common in all the videos, imagery, and topics discussed in multiple social media channels. The brands who capitalized on this trend and tailored their products to it registered a huge growth in their sales. 

Position Zero

Till the previous year, the ultimate aim of optimizing content for the search engine was to get it in the number 1 spot of SERP. This year, the goal is to shift to more visibility in 'position zero.' It means Google's featured snippet. 

SEO trends are making featured snippets their priority over everything else. For starters, it is a small box that is situated at the top. It showcases additional relevant information and tries to answer the user's query more accurately. People don't need to click on it to find the correct answer. It is rightly nicknamed 'no-click search.'

Are you trying to make this a part of your strategy? It's important to know that they are majorly for long-tail keyword phrases. You can find them in varying forms, such as stepwise lists to straightforward definitions and the like. Ensure that your content answers the keyword query quite clearly through bullets, tables, or a similar structure.


Similar to inclusivity, people nowadays are also concerned if brands on which they invest their money are doing something for our planet or not. A whopping 81 percent of customers believe that businesses should do their best to improve the environment. As a result, there's rising popularity of brands that are defined by their eco-friendly nature.

But what you need to remember at this point is to communicate your eco-friendly nature and your mission to protect the environment through your brand messages. Try to blend environmentalism into your brand identity. Start discussions on your social media pages about it. The options are a lot for you to explore in this regard.

Ad Blockers That Threaten to Cut Off Traffic

Contrary to the pervasive assumption, it's not all bright and glowing in the arena of digital marketing. Almost 27 percent of users are predicted to install ad-blockers in the coming years. What does this mean for the marketers?

Well, these blockers are threatening to eliminate a primary stream of traffic automatically. Techniques like PPC campaigns stand no chance of generating revenue in the face of ad-blockers. 

To successfully navigate this trend, we highly advise you to remain calm and assess precisely how big this issue is for you. You can glean many insights on this front by coursing through your data and analytics. It may even be possible that depending on where you post ads and your target audience, the damage is hardly to be concerned. 

If you're one of those who've fallen victim to ad-blockers, don't waste your precious time in convincing your prospective customers to modify their preferences. Instead, adapt and readjust your budget for advertising for other campaigns that can yield you more significant results. Some marketing techniques to implement include sponsored content and influencer marketing. 

Visual Searches 

There's no need to repeat that you can search for videos and images by typing various keywords. A new thing that you wouldn't be aware of is your ability to submit current images for a specific search. You can also take authentic photos and then search on their basis. These visual search techniques are becoming popular with the passing day. Quite naturally, they are also transforming the overall SEO landscape.

To make the best of visual searches, keep your image and video SEO campaigns in top-notch shape. Remember the following for it:

  • Never forget to make use of alt text in your picture descriptions.
  • Images should be a part of your site map. A better option is to develop an image sitemap.
  • Ensure that you include the target SEO keywords in your image's file name. 
  • Steer away from low-quality images and videos. Go for HD if you can.

Are you an eCommerce business owner? If so, you should acquaint yourself with Google Lens. Make use of solid SEO techniques, and in no time, you can direct traffic away from your competitors to your store.

Enjoyable Content

Enjoyable is just another word for interactive content, a trend that's been around for ages. We include it in this list because it's only now that it is recognized as a great practice. This type of content is not only geared toward enhancing customer engagement. One of its primary aims is to enable the user to enjoy what you are offering.

Are you confused about how you can create content that feels pleasurable to your audience? Don't worry. Think in terms of quizzes, giveaways, contests, surveys, open-ended questions, and the like. All of them will increase the time that a user spends reading your content.

This trend is a significant tenet of a broader movement of personalization. By facilitating the users to answer themselves or give their opinions, you foster a more personal connection. 

Final Words

What did you glean from the article? The latest digital marketing trends are all about embracing positivity, becoming more inclusive, and generating user-centric and interactive content. Now that you know what's about to dominate the online marketing landscape in the future, it's time to tailor your strategies and techniques accordingly.  


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