Best Strategies For SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization is the only word that goes around a marketer’s head these days. For a business, visibility is crucial. It has become increasingly difficult for new companies to go against already well-established brands. Companies spend more than $79 billion on search engine optimization alone. But, why? Getting your webpage on the top of the Google search results gets you traffic. And, traffic brings you revenue!

There are many ways to optimize your website for search results. However, not everything will bring you the best results. Some even may bring negative results. This is why you should always seek the help of an SEO company near you to get the job done professionally. 

What is an SEO Campaign?

It is the planned effort you make to boost the organic ranking of your website in the search results. The process is ongoing and takes a few months to bring noticeable results. The following are some components that it entails:

  1. Keyword research. 
  2. SEO analysis. 
  3. Web audit. 
  4. On-page optimization. 
  5. Link building. 
  6. Keyword optimization. 

When you execute it well, irrespective of the type of business, you can benefit from it. Higher rankings are one of the major factors that influence your customers’ decisions. Now, let us look at the best strategies that will bring you a step closer to success. 

  1. Befriend long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are those that are three words or longer. Using these, you can target a very specific search topic. Rather than competing with big brands for short keywords(with broad scope) with high search volume, it is wise to use these. On average, pages optimized for long-tail keywords move up 11 positions in the search results. So, it is safe to assume that investing your time in these keywords wouldn’t go to waste. 

Also, it is worth noting that people who visit your website with these long-tail keywords are more likely to convert. This means they give you higher conversion rates. 

  1. Optimize your content

Content plays the most vital role in enhancing the search results ranking. So, it is important to perform content optimization. You need to understand the customer’s expectations when searching using a keyword and answer them through the content. 

The way you incorporate the keywords helps Google understand what the content is about. Which directly impacts your SERP ranking. And, it is not just about the keywords. You should also focus on the meta descriptions, page URLs, images, and alt texts. 

  1. Construct backlinks

Check your backlinks. Because Google’s algorithm also checks the third-party website to determine the quality of your website content. Ensure that you do not have broken backlinks on your site. 

Organic backlinks can be tough to acquire. But, with several consistent practices, you can get backlinks from reliable websites. You can also follow these methods to get organic backlinks:

  • Posting guest blogs. 
  • Creating easily shareable infographics. 
  • Promoting your content on social media. 
  1. Write better titles and subtitles

Your website title is what your customer sees before they click on it. Hence, it is important to make your title catchy and clickable. Use your target keyword in the title. And, always make it alluring yet simple to understand. 

Google search results limit the characters displayed to around 60 characters. So, keep them within the limit while also managing to convey what the content is about. 

  1. Determine KPIs and track the results

When you run a campaign, you need to initially determine its goal. After setting the goal, find ways to ascertain the progress towards success. These are the key performance indicators that will help you improve the strategy in the future. Let us list some of the KPIs that an SEO company will use to measure the results:

  1. The number of visitors gained through organic search. 
  2. The bounce rate of the website (If the numbers are low, it means your campaign is working).
  3. The number of people clicking on your website in the search results. 
  4. The rank of the keywords you used against the others.  
  5. The number of new backlinks you get from different domains. 


Similarly, you can incorporate several smart strategies that let you run an efficient SEO campaign that brings organic results. Always be cautious and take well-calculated steps!

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