Boosting Lead Generation with SEO – It's Possible!

A successful marketing plan is an outcome of various elements. The two most powerful strategies for it are SEO and lead generation.

Lead generation entails nurturing an interest in your business to create a set of prospective clients (also called leads). A consistent stream of leads enables a brand to progress and thrive. 

SEO (search engine optimization) means improvising websites and web pages for improving their ranking on Google's result pages. The primary purpose of optimizing a website for a search engine is to appear in the search engine results pages when someone types in a search phrase or a question. A top-ranking website benefits from greater clicks and significant organic traffic. It also enhances the online visibility of a brand.

Now you might want to know what links these two concepts. SEO is primarily geared to gain more web traffic, while lead generation focuses on building a list of potential clients for an organization. But SEO has the potential to help you tremendously with your lead generation endeavours. In this article, you'll learn how to leverage it and improve your lead generation efforts.

Conduct a Website Auditing

Auditing websites allows you to know the performance of web pages. Thus, you can find the pages that need more work. Crawling your website is a significant first step in this direction. Fortunately, the task has become much easier with the help of various tools. 

Tools like SEO Crawler, HTTrack, and Octoparse effectively work to find broken links, meta descriptions, titles, and duplicate content, among other things. With their help, you can resolve all the problems that adversely affect your website's ranking.

Inspect Website Speed

Pages that load fast serve the dual purpose of enhancing the user experience and reducing bounce rates. No one has the time to sit in front of a page that takes several minutes to load. To analyze particular web pages on your website for speed, you can use Google's PageSpeed test. This free tool provides valuable recommendations on ways by which you can boost the performance of slow-loading pages. 

Identify Significant Keywords for Your Business

An integral component of SEO is to allow your content to come at the top for targeted keywords. It is what makes keyword research so essential for a well-defined SEO strategy. It also allows marketers to understand the areas of interest of their target audience. 

Here it's essential to take note of a common mistake. Never start making content based on some vague assumptions or terminology. You need to put out content that your target audience is actively searching for. If you blindly create content based on what you assume might interest people, it won't work in 99 percent of the cases. 

Start by recognizing the main keywords and then select a set of associated search terms and queries. Your SEO content strategy should be based on this set of keywords. An effective tool for this purpose is Semrush Magic Keyword Finder. To analyze keywords deeply, find their monthly volume, competition, and related terms, you can also use UberSuggest. 

When you have found a relevant keyword for your content, keep it in the title and meta description. It will allow the search engine crawlers to recognize it. 

Refine Existing Content

People everywhere desire to consume content that's engaging and helpful. SEO will surely drive more people to your web pages, but if the content quality is not up to the mark, none of them will stay for long on your site.

So, you need to go through your present content. While you analyze it, ask yourself questions like, is the language concise and clear? Is the content of value to readers? Judging your content against these parameters will help you to increase its quality.

Some valuable tips for creating a readable web page are as follows.

  • Arrange the content in different sections.
  • Every section should have a heading that tells the reader what it's about.
  • Make use of bullet points or numbered lists to enhance readability. 
  • Integrate images with alt text descriptions to help search engines crawl your page better.

Lastly, never forget to analyze the performance of your page using analytics tools, like Google Analytics. You can determine the areas that aren't generating enough user interaction. You can use the insights to take the necessary steps. 

Build a Content Strategy

A consistent stream of content imparts value to your readers and is imperative for successful lead generation. After your readers find your content insightful, it will encourage them to become a lead and sign up for your newsletters and other gated content. 

To stay organized on a timely publishing schedule, create a content calendar. Arrange your topics and blog posts by theme according to your keyword research. It will allow your readers to catch hold of content they are interested in, which will keep them engaged. A consistent content plan that considers keyword research tremendously assists a lead generation campaign. When you put out content that people are searching for, it will automatically boost your brand presence in search engine results and help you amass the leads you desire.

Develop a Backlink Plan

Backlinks develop when different sites link to each other. These links serve as a vote of credibility for a particular site's content by various search engines. But not every backlink is equal. Those from an authoritative site are what matters. 

For a backlink to positively affect your ranking, it should have a 'rel=follow' tag. It signals the site crawlers to follow this link to the website it points to. On the other hand, links with the tag 'rel=nofollow' are nofollow links that signal search engine crawlers not to follow the link to the corresponding site. 

It's also essential to analyze your site's present backlink profile for broken links. Fixing them is a great way to boost your SEO.  

Summing up

An SEO lead generation campaign will allow you to earn new leads and thus make your mark in a highly competitive marketplace. Now that you know some effective lead generation tips, you can use them to grow your business digitally. It will lead you to reposition your brand in a positive light.

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