Cannabis Marketing: What Brands Can Do to Create a Niche for Themselves?

Did you know that the cannabis industry in Canada contributes nearly $18.3 billion to its economy? The sector has witnessed unprecedented change and explosive growth over the recent years. This growth does not seem to have any end in sight. Thus, several cannabis businesses desire to become more operationally efficient. 

For those brands who want to establish themselves in the cannabis market, the time is ripe for marketing their services. However, it would help if you did it right. Wading through a jumble of government restrictions, penalties, guidelines, and conflicts to serve your offerings successfully isn't easy.

Given below are some insights that you can use to start operating efficiently. These are some proven ways of dealing with the constantly changing marketplace. Implement them to build your brand, so it becomes a force to reckon.

What Cannabis Brands Should Do

There are a couple of things that, when kept in mind, can help you to market your services and products effectively. Let's break them down for you. 

Analyze your website

Take a moment to assess your site. Look at its design. Does it truly resonate with your brand? Can your website be seamlessly used across all devices? Can people easily find it on various search engines? More importantly, once people find it, is your site engaging enough to capture their attention for a long time?

The answer to all these questions should be a definitive yes. 

Get leads

Getting people to arrive at your site is one thing. But capturing their information and encouraging them to begin the next step in their buying journey is another. If you cannot get their data, they can leave your site, and you will remain in the dark about their reason to do so. 

Consider adding impactful Calls to Actions at various places strategically throughout your site. These are what will enable people to interact with your services. Give them high-quality content, so they are convinced to exchange their contact information.

Systematically organize your contacts.

When great leads arrive through your site, what happens? Is the data of all these people systematically saved to a CRM? If you're not sure about it, then you may risk losing them. Choosing the right tool for this process will enable you to organize your contacts and take measures to guide them in their journey. 

Commence Content Marketing

The next step to engaging your audience and building the credibility of your brand is to provide them with high-value content. The best way to attain it is through content marketing. Content marketing boosts SEO cannabis, produces leads and establishes the authority of a brand. 

You can create engaging content in various forms, such as blog posts, eBooks, case studies, webinars, podcasts, videos, and so much more. Although options are endless, there's a need to approach content marketing strategically. It would help if you began doing it by evaluating your funnel. Here is what you should do:

Bottom of the funnel

Instead of starting at the top, begin with content directed at the bottom of the funnel. Place yourself in your target buyer's shoes and then open your website. Find if it has the necessary content that your target customer will want to work with you. Some examples of essential contents include:

  • A consultation request
  • Live demos
  • Quote requests

Middle of the funnel

At this point, you want to provide your prospects with plenty of content that will enable them to compare your brand with others. Some examples of it include:

  • Whitepapers
  • Demo videos
  • Free samples
  • Customer testimonials

Top of the funnel

By now, you will have the essential content that will guide the lead through the funnel and transform them into customers. Now your priority should be getting them to visit your website. At this point, identify the questions that people ask in the B2B cannabis market space. After that, start making content that will resolve the queries and pull them to your website. The best examples of this type of content include:

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs 
  • Video product demonstrations
  • Articles 

Intensify Your Brand Message

After building your foundation and getting the right content for your customers, the next step is to enhance the visibility of your brand message. A crucial thing in this process is to put your message where your target audience resides and not waste your time trying to promote your offerings on channels where they are not. 

For instance, if your customers are on Facebook, there's no use to amplify your brand awareness on a platform like Twitter. 

Excellent platforms for cannabis social media marketing

It is rightly said that social media is like a minefield for businesses in various domains. The same holds for the cannabis domain as well. As regulations change by the day, it can be challenging to decide what to post and what not to. For fear of getting their accounts banned, cannabis businesses are advised not to run paid ads on social media platforms. In such a scenario, your best bet is to make use of organic search. 

Some of the best platforms for CBD brands are:

  • Facebook – You can use this channel to develop a community, advertise the customer service you provide and keep your audience abreast of the current developments in your company.
  • Instagram – This image-centered platform is a perfect choice for the cannabis industry. Through it, you can enhance awareness and build a base of a high-value audience.
  • Twitter – Use this platform to exchange ideas with industry leaders. You can reach out to journalists, influencers, and CEOs in the cannabis domain through this medium. 

Leverage email marketing

Email marketing, when used correctly, is a compelling way to put your message in front of your prospects. It enables them to remain up to date about the latest happenings in your business.

To begin, build an email list. Do it by attracting potential customers with your content marketing strategies. Motivate them to provide you with their email addresses. Everyone likes to be a recipient of high-quality content. So, these customers will have no problem giving you their information and signing up for their newsletter.

Create an incredible email strategy by asking yourself questions like:

  • What will be the frequency of my emails?
  • What content will the emails cover? Will it be based on approaching events, blog posts, or product launches?
  • Will I be sending similar messages to everyone or changing them according to the action taken by my prospect?

Wrapping up

Cannabis is legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes in Canada. Hence, those looking to establish a niche in the CBD domain shouldn't waste any time creating marketing strategies that will yield effective results. You have a lot to experiment with. Keep the above tips in mind to create a robust marketing game plan for the coming year.

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