Disruptive Marketing – What It Is and How You Can Build One for Your Brand

We live in ‘ the age of the customer’ where the only method to remain competitive is by continuously innovating your offerings and marketing practices. In such an era, disruptive marketing has not remained a buzzword anymore. Today’s customers are not what they were even ten years ago. The way they comprehend and accept businesses has undergone a dramatic change. In such a scenario, marketers need to be courageous enough to take more risks. 

In a world where an average person is bombarded by over 10,000 brand messages every single day of their life, disruptive marketing strategies have become more relevant than ever. 

Let’s dive into what this kind of marketing strategy entails and how you can utilize it to enhance your marketing endeavours. 

Disruptive Marketing – What Does It Mean?

The term, like its name suggests, entails turning over all the prevalent marketing rules, shaking things up, and altering the perception of not just your brand but the entire domain as well. Did you know that nearly 88% of consumers desire to interact with companies setting novel standards and venturing beyond the confines of what is expected? 

Such brands who push past the boundaries and defy the norms are the ones that gain the fascination of people. Disruptive marketing compels organizations to think again about their whole brand and modify their entire business model. It also means shaking up the message that they communicate to their audience. Although it can be a risky venture, adhering to the same business model over an extended period can turn out to be even more hazardous. 

How You Can Create a Disruptive Marketing Campaign

Novelty and approachability are two things that make disruptive marketing truly unique. Here are some ways by which you can start building a robust campaign.

Comprehend your domain

Before you progress on creating such a marketing strategy, it’s important for you to comprehend exactly what you wish to disrupt. Luckily, you don’t have to do the task all by yourself. Use tools like SurveyMonkey and Think With Google to acquire a deep knowledge of your domain. It will allow you to spot the areas which are yet not addressed. 

Afterwards, assess where your services can come in handy to fulfil such areas. When you’ve identified a suitable area where you can contribute something meaningful, all you have to do is direct your efforts toward building that particular service or product. 

Step into the shoes of your customers

For a disruptive campaign to succeed, you need to be in sync with your customer’s demands. Nearly 72 percent of consumers want companies to learn about their distinct needs and expectations. Hence, you need to investigate what your target audience wants and then give a pleasant surprise to them.

Gaining a deep understanding of customers has become less challenging today. You have the aid of analytic tools like Google Analytics and Capsulink. Use these tools and benefit from deep insights about your customers and their behaviour.

Don’t Hesitate to Do Something Out-of-the-Box.

When you are well aware of your competitive advantage, you can promote it with out-of-the-box strategies. Direct all your efforts toward creating a buzz with something extraordinary and never seen before. 

For instance, Nissan disrupted the conventional way of selling automobiles by selling its Versa Note via Amazon. They delivered it fully packaged in the famous Amazon boxes. They did manage to sell 100 cars through the eCommerce website. The strategy did not escape the notice of their target customers. Now that’s something truly disruptive!

Be relentlessly relevant

One of the most critical elements of disruptive marketing is the development of experiences that are highly relevant to your target audience. This characteristic of being relevant allows a brand to make a significant difference in the quality of life of its customers.

Air Wick is the perfect example of being relentlessly relevant. Their scent decorator that enables people to pair the perfect scent and home décor ideas with the ambience they want to create in their home resonated with people. The data scientist of Air Wick developed this digital campaign after they applied the outcomes of their research that ascertained the moods of people according to the different categories of scent. This example of disruption combined human behaviour, technology, and science.

Inject some humour 

Discovering some humour in your offering often works in favour of disruptive marketing. Injecting some humour in your marketing strategy allows you to craft a distinct presence. It may seem pretty straightforward but quite many brands take themselves too seriously.

An excellent example to explain this point is that of Nandos, a global chicken fast-food chain. It commenced as a local South African business. The brand is famous for its funny ad campaigns. Usually, their advertisements take a lighthearted perspective on current affairs. They have consistently stuck to this technique in their campaigns. It has helped them craft a distinct presence for themselves. 

Humour allows them to put forward original and memorable messages that stay with their customers well after they have consumed their meal. 

 Enhance the customer journey

Disruption doesn’t demand your brand to reinvent the wheel completely. Rather than it, you can leverage your extensive domain knowledge to look for new avenues to improvise your customer journey. It all begins by going back to comprehending your domain, audience and polishing the current processes. A simple change in the conventional customer journey can bring about tremendous results. 

Learn about your business and the final product. Map out the different steps your customers take and locate a specific pain point that you can improvise on. 

Wrapping up

Any discussion about disruption revolves around the unique strategies that businesses can employ to set themselves apart. Remember that you don’t have to do something that’s entirely ground-breaking. Just paying attention to what your competitors are doing and using this knowledge to develop innovative SEO optimized strategies goes a long way. 

But the basics remain the same. Comprehend your industry and customers and never take anything at face value. You have it in you to create something unique and completely alter the course of your brand trajectory. Follow the techniques described above to unlock a brand new world of possibilities and opportunities for your business.  

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