Five Clever Marijuana Marketing Tactics That Marketers Should Implement

The cannabis industry, although fast-expanding, has to face a particular set of challenges when it comes to advertising its products online. There are restrictions placed on the paid advertising of its products and other marketing strategies like non-paid promotional tactics and PR. 

In such a scenario, leveraging SEO and organic search remains the best option for the businesses in this domain to build a robust online presence. Local SEO is another excellent dispensary marketing technique that eliminates the need for dispensary advertising. 

Cannabis marketers can also benefit from old-school conventional marketing strategies like print advertising, outdoor advertising, and PR. Irrespective of the plan you choose to embark on, you need to ensure that it is effective enough to create your brand awareness. 

The article will lay down some innovative cannabis marketing strategies developed to create mass awareness of your services in your targeted regions. 

Advertise Cannabis Products on Native Ad Networks

Did you know that you can advertise your marijuana products online without the aid of Facebook or Google?! There are various digital advertising platforms on which you can promote your products using display ads. One such platform is Traffic Roots. It's a hyper-targeted digital display advertising platform developed for specific audiences interested in things like yoga, music, cannabis, and other such elements of the modern lifestyle. 

This platform has compiled a collaborative network of lifestyle sites where ads related to cannabis products perform well. Such networks are ready for any dispensary advertising like CBD, recreational flower, medical marijuana, or hemp. Leveraging such platforms will enable you to seek more cannabis consumers. 

Make Use of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has the reputation of being a highly effective and reasonable marketing strategy. Naturally, as a cannabis company, you should be willing to offer an affiliate marketing program. For starters, affiliate advertising is a marketing arrangement through which an online retailer pays an amount of commission to an external site to get more traffic or sales.

Those making use of influencer marketing might be very familiar with affiliate marketing. When you add affiliate marketing to influencer marketing campaigns, you can easily benefit from long-lasting sales from key influencers. 

Another smart digital marketing technique is blog content marketing. Try to associate with a cannabis blogger who has a decent audience base. You can then set up an affiliate marketing program to boost the sales of your product. For this, display the details of your affiliate program on your site and partner with cannabis bloggers and influencers to work with you based on commission. Just connect with those influencers and bloggers you think are appropriate to promote your brand. 

Take Advantage of Facebook Groups

It's widely known that social media platforms are not exactly friendly places for marketing cannabis products. However, they consist of billions of people that you can easily tap into if you market your products intelligently on these channels.

Just a day before cannabis was legalized in Canada, Facebook announced the repeal of its ban on marijuana-related search results and pages. Facebook groups consist of relevant and high-quality cannabis content that can produce a lot of interaction among group members. It is important to note that this interaction is not with the group's admin but with the people themselves. 

That is precisely what Facebook wants. Put, it wants meaningful interactions to take place between users and not between the brand and its users. If you specifically provide Facebook with relevant cannabis content users desire, its reach can significantly grow. Some valuable content pieces that you can post on Facebook include:

  • Informative content that educates people on your CBD products.
  • Expert opinions on your products. These can either be written by you or by any of your expert CBD content writers.
  • Expert views on CBD oils and related products on behalf of your CBD brand.

Claim Your CBD Business on Online Directories

Today, there are several cannabis directories online. To get visibility for your products, list your company on as many directories as possible. A directory is a very natural place for a person looking for cannabis-related products to find your brand. As CBD users are quite attentive about the kind of marijuana they use, your brand can enhance its search visibility if it's listed in prominent directories. It also gives a brand more credibility and reputation. 

When people find businesses listed on directories, they automatically view them as trustworthy and high-quality brands. Look for directories that have a section of customer reviews. The reviews can further boost a brand's reputation and encourage users to choose a specific brand. Some examples of relevant online and local directories to list your CBD business include:

  • Google My Business
  • Leafly
  • Yelp For Business Owners
  • The Dispensary Map
  • Weedmaps 

The listings also enrich a website's SEO. They provide backlinks, and Google gets a novel URL for your brand. The directory listings also appear when a person searches for a specific marijuana product on Google. From there, you can direct them to your website.

Don't Forget the Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO can tremendously enhance the online visibility and branding of your products. Digital marketers usually forget that Google is constantly making efforts to remove the crap from quality stuff. It looks at the popularity of a brand and ranks them higher. 

Suppose your cannabis SEO strategy is spot on, and you are on the top five search results on page one of Google for even a few keywords. In that case, your brand will come to the attention of a vast majority of CBD users. 

Thus, your cannabis  SEO marketing strategy needs to consist of content marketing. It will allow you to create high-quality SEO-optimized and informative content that will rank high for popular cannabis-related keywords. 

Summing Up

These were five highly effective cannabis marketing techniques that can help you expand your business. When you implement these innovative strategies, you are bound to create awareness for the services that you desire. While leveraging them as part of your overall marketing campaign, don't forget to keep track of your performance to get the best possible outcomes. 


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