Guest-Blogging 101- How to Do It the Right Way

Undeniably, blogging is one of the most effective ways to put content about your services out on the internet for people to discover. Penning down a guest post or writing for another website is a sure-fire way of increasing your brand's visibility and tapping into a newer audience. It also offers other benefits like quality backlinks and making you appear as an authority in your niche.

But how do you get started with it? Here is all that you should do to get it right. 

How to Discover Opportunities for Guest-Blogging 

What makes guest-blogging a preferred choice among many is the win-win situation it presents to the writer as well as to the one whose website gets the content you are writing. There are many websites where you can contribute as a guest writer. To find opportunities for guest-blogging, you can try out the following methods. 

  • Use Google to look for blogs related to your domain.
  • Get in touch with other content marketing teams. 
  • Leverage SEO tools to identify the sites where your competitors are putting out guest posts. 
  • Enter 'Guest blogging opportunities' on Google. 
  • Be on the lookout for such opportunities on your social media channels.
  • Get in touch with a blog or site you like and ask them if you can contribute something for them.

If you want something easier, then you can try out these search operators.

  • Enter your target keyword and write 'submit a guest post.'
  • Your keyword plus 'guest post by.'
  • Your keyword plus 'want to write for.'
  • Your keyword plus 'contributing writer.'

But in today's world, it's not just enough to find guest-blogging opportunities. You need to truly stand out in the crowd and perfect your pitch. Here are some tips you can use for this purpose.

Improve Your Guest Blogging Pitch

The most challenging part of securing a great guest-blogging opportunity is getting your pitch selected. A prominent guest posting website receives more than a hundred emails from people who want to post their content on their website. In such a scenario, if you don't give a good pitch, your chances of being accepted to write become next to none. 

Here's how you can make your guest-blogging pitch better.

  • Thoroughly research the topic so you can come up with a personalized introduction.
  • Provide an introduction about yourself, your topic, your brand, and why your pitch should be chosen.
  • Give around three to five content ideas that match with their brand value. 
  • If your site too offers chances for guest posting, make sure to provide them with a guest-blogging swap.  

Steps to Write a Perfect Guest Blog

You need to follow a set of steps if you desire to create a guest blog that contributes significantly to your SEO efforts. Here's a breakdown of the process that results in a perfect guest post.

Know about your audience

No matter which kind of content you create, it should be written with the needs and requirements of your audience. It is especially true when you guest blog. For, the content on the website you are writing the guest post should match your audience. Take a look at their target audience and know about their interests and needs. 

Tailor your content

After you gauge what the target audience wants, go through some of the posts that are there on the website for which you will be writing content. It's essential to adapt your writing and match it with their style. When you emulate their writing style, it will raise the likelihood of your posts getting accepted. On the other hand, if you write something that doesn't reflect the kind of content that is posted on the website, then your post is likely to get rejected.

If your post does get rejected, do not get disheartened. You can submit it to another guest-blogging website or put it on your own blog.

Do not force links

Guest-blogging has a significant advantage, that of gaining backlinks for your content. It's why many bloggers try to stuff numerous links into their content. However, try to avoid this mistake when you are guest-blogging. If you force links, it will dramatically diminish the SEO value of your content. Some practices that you should follow for linking your content include:

  • Carefully check the link rules in the guest posting instructions.
  • Never link to your product pages.
  • Do not place more than two links that are self-promotional in nature.

Leverage your brand image

It's very straightforward that including links to your own content directs traffic toward your content. However, you certainly don't want to look too promotional in your post. But there are yet other ways through which you can inject your brand into your post. Use your brand images to break the monotony of text. A branded image usually ranks on the search engine under the feature of Image Search. It is separate from how your article is ranking in the search engine result pages. Thus, putting your brand image or logo in your post will not only help you to promote yourself in a subtle way, but also enable you to drive more traffic. 

Build a relationship by pitching your post as a series

Undoubtedly, guest-blogging allows you to build a relationship with a company of your choice. A way by which you can enrich this connection is by pitching your topic in a series only for their website. For instance, if you're writing about a product, your first article can be on what precisely the product is. The second one can be on why the product is important, and the third can be on how to use that product in a way that's beneficial for you. 

This approach not only gives you numerous articles but also provides the company with many pieces of content. Most importantly, you establish your presence as an industry leader by pitching a series of your content. 

Is There a Limit to How Many Guest Posts You Can Submit?

The most direct answer to this question is no. There are no limitations on how many times you can guest post. You can post only once or twice, or you can post multiple times. It mainly depends on the exposure you are receiving and the time you want to spend writing such posts. 

Not all websites you contribute to can help you drive desirable traffic. Some do, and some don't. So, it's important that you identify those that help your content get noticed by a larger audience and only contribute to those sites. Another great tip is to guest post on several blogs rather than on the same one. It is a great method to build quality links.

Summing up 

A well-written guest post can stay relevant for a really long time. It's important that you choose topics that can align with the interests of your audience. Use the above tips to your advantage when creating a guest post. You will surely reap some great results. 

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