How Pillar Pages Will Help Your Search Engine Rankings?

Let’s get one thing straight. Content is the best way to improve your organic rankings. When you are looking to gain recognition from your customers, the first thing to focus on is the content. Google is getting smarter every year at differentiating good content from the rest. Hence, it is imperative that you start focusing on improving your content.

One such way to do that is by using Pillar content. If you have no idea what pillar content is, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you understand everything about it and how it helps your SEO.

What is a Pillar Page?

A pillar page is like the centerpiece for all the other content you write related to that topic. Assume that you have a blog for teaching about Instagram marketing. Now, you should have a main page that explains in detail what Instagram marketing is. From that page, you’ll have links branching to other content in your webpage. For example, “10 post ideas to increase your Instagram followers count”. This is a very specific subject, but it comes under Instagram marketing.

Similarly, you can create links within your own website to provide the content with a structure. Now, every content you ever posted will follow a specific structure. With links going back and forth from the pillar article to smaller articles. Let’s see how it helps your SEO.

Ways in which pillar pages help you SEO

1. It gives your site an organized structure

The first thing Google looks at is whether your website is easy to understand. That is why we write short and simpler sentences. And also, we add a navigation menu to easily jump to a specific page. When your content is not branching out from a pillar page, it is confusing for Google.

It categorizes your website as an unstructured one. This reduces your SEO ranking. However, when you add pillar pages, your site becomes more structured. All the content on your website links back to the main content. A centerpiece to connect everything. Now, the search engine can easily understand your website and thus naturally ranks it higher than your competitor’s website.

Moreover, having a pillar page lets Google estimate your expertise in the subject. It is another factor based on which your pages rank in the SEO.

2. It makes it easier to rank for high-volume keywords

A pillar page is usually very long. It covers a wide range of information about the topic. This, helps you include related long-tail keywords. A user who knows a lot about your niche and is close to buying will naturally search using specific terms rather than general ones. And Google will favor your content for such an audience since you provide the most information with a lot of backlinks.

A person visiting your pillar page is likely to keep browsing through your other content using the links provided. The more popular your content gets among users, the better it gets ranked. Furthermore, trusted backlinks are characteristic of pillar pages. This helps Google rank your site higher. Through these pillar pages, you also give users a chance to look at other content. Thus, increasing their ranks as well. So, it is basically an SEO treasure.

3. It increases the trust in your brand

Assume that you have a page for a Pizza recipe, but not pizza dough. Most people will expect that to be on the webpage. When they don’t find it on your site, they’ll move on to the next. Now, presume that you have a pillar page that has links to everything related to pizza on your website. People will be more willing to search for a recipe on your website the next time they need it. Since you offered them everything in a neat and structured manner.

Trust earns you revenue. Quite literally. As users spend more time on your page, Google marks you as a reliable source. Thus, helping your SEO and ranking you higher in the search engine results.


Many do not understand that a website’s SEO is a combination of many things and not just the keyword. Google aims at providing valuable content to its users in an easily consumable manner. So, having a pillar page is a necessity if you want to organically improve your SEO.

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