How to Create SEO-Friendly Website Content That Yields Conversions?

Ask any content marketer about their biggest challenge, and you will undoubtedly hear the words, 'website content.' Undeniably, great website content can make or break the image of a business in front of its audience. Not only that, but it also exerts a significant influence on its search engine ranking. As visitors spend only a few seconds scanning your website, you must design your site and create content in a way that captivates their interest. But there's no need to think that making compelling web copies is next to impossible. In this guide, you'll understand how to do it and the rules to follow for creating great web content.

Effective Tips for Writing Web Content

Ultimately, churning out impactful content that is SEO-optimized boils down to adhering to a couple of rules. Given below are some essential web content writing guidelines that will help you to improve your content.

Determine the WHY behind your writing 

Until and unless you have a definite purpose in your mind, you cannot hope to create efficacious web content. Your purpose can be anything from selling a product to engaging a broader audience base. You can pen down quality content more effectively and seamlessly after you pinpoint the specific goal for which you are creating content in the first place.

Know about your audience.

Understanding your primary audience will help you create content that will pique the curiosity of your target audience. Writing without knowing clearly about your customer base will only lead to the creation of vague and aimless content. Ask yourself questions like who exactly is my target audience. Is there any secondary audience with whom I can communicate? How will these people be able to find my content online?

You can understand more about your target audience by taking the example of the renowned brand Kellogg's Chocos. Its primary audience is children in the age group of 8 to 12 years. But it also has a secondary audience. It's the mothers or guardians of these kids. So, the brand makes its content geared toward mothers as they are the ones who make decisions for kids in this age group. 

Research competitors websites

Well-rounded website content can only be created after understanding who your competitors are and what they are making. Therefore, competitor research is crucial for every content marketer. There are various advantages of competitor research like the ones mentioned below.


  • Your target customers frequently visit the website of your competitors. When you know what your competitors offer, you can tailor your product and content and make it truly unique.
  • The data from competitor research allows marketers to gain knowledge of keywords, traffic, and backlink. 
  • Competitor analysis tools like Audience Overlap enable content creators to get critical insights into the various aspects they can improvise on.

Find out the aim of different web pages.

A website contains numerous pages, like the home page, about page, and product landing page. The content of these pages differs from each other. The home page content enables people to know more about your services and where they should navigate. On the other hand, web content for a product landing page is entirely different. It is actionable and has a single objective. Effective landing page content triggers visitor conversion and stimulates them to make the purchase.

Make your web pages SEO-friendly.

Many content writers pour their heart and soul into creating informative web content. But the website never receives the traffic it desires, even with such great content. It's because the content isn't optimized to be discoverable on the search engine. There are a bunch of things you need to do to optimize your page.

Place the primary keyword at a density of around 1 percent in your content. It should be present in the body and be a part of your page title sub-heading, image alt tags, and meta descriptions. It's also a great practice to link your content to different pages. 

You can utilize the various SEO tools available online to scan the webpage and remove errors. Lastly, don't forget to add a robust call to action. Call to action having action words like 'limited offer,' 'buy now,' fill out,' 'download now,' and the like will compel your visitors to take some action.

Implement the 'Inverted Pyramid' model.

Today people in general and web content readers, in particular, have a small attention span. Nobody likes to waste time going through content they find boring or unnecessary. In simple words, if they cannot find anything of value in your content in the first few seconds of scanning it, they are not likely to stay on your site for long. 

To create content that grabs people's attention, you can try using the inverted pyramid model. In it, you have to organize your content like an inverted pyramid. Provide key details that answer the 'who,' 'what,' 'where,' 'when,' and 'how' of your offering at the top. This information keeps people interested. At the bottom of the page, you should add the supporting details.

Web Pages should be media-rich.

When you are writing for the web, it doesn't only imply writing the text. Studies after studies have revealed how individuals process visual data more quickly than text. So, it's essential to make your website media-rich. Integrate graphs, charts, audio and video so people can understand your service quickly and conveniently. Use tools like Canva to create captivating infographics. Images should be a part of every page of your website.

Make website content that is easy to scan

Do you like to browse a website characterized by dense pieces of text and long paragraphs? Likewise, your readers also wouldn't like it. When writing web content, break it down by using images, GIFs, videos, bullet points, and descriptive headers. All of it will allow your visitors to scan your website and get the key information.

Summing up

You want to create website content that grabs the reader's attention right from the start. For it, you need to pay attention to creating both quality content and making it discoverable on the search engine. Follow the tips mentioned above to see a significant improvement in your rankings as well as conversions. Please keep it simple, focus on your target audience, and keep in mind the significance of SEO. You'll soon be able to convert your readers and enhance your customer base.

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