How Updating Your Old Content Helps Your Rankings?

In this modern era, everything needs to stay updated to gain an audience. What’s relevant today might not be the same tomorrow or even hours from now. The same applies to the content on your website and blog posts. SEO is an intricate art that yields you exceptional results when done right. Google ranks a website based on several aspects. One such is the freshness of content. 

If you find ways to incorporate new keywords and insert updated facts, your website will continue ranking better in the search results. Many ignore this simple trick and go for the complicated route of writing new content. Let’s see how repurposing your old words can bring you better search engine rankings. 

Increases click-through rates

If you search for a term on Google, you’ll see that most of the top results are from recent years. You’ll never get an article from ten years back on the first page. This is because of the regular Google update for the search engine algorithms. And as we all know, results on top of the page have higher click-through rates than the rest. Hence, updating your old content will help you increase your click-through rates organically. 

Tells Google that your content is relevant

Updating your content doesn’t stop at incorporating new keywords. You also change the date of publishing the article, which tells Google that your article is new and relevant. Instead of letting a useful article die, you can simply update the facts, keywords, and the date to republish it as new content. As Google places your content higher in the search results, you’ll garner more audience easily. 

Improves customer experience

A Google update primarily focuses on providing a better user experience. When you perform SEO on your old content, you optimize it to suit your current customers. Updating old content can be as simple as making spelling and grammatical corrections. These minor changes help Google identify your content as a reliable source. 

Moreover, focus on making changes to an existing article to provide much better value to the customers. For example, you can update content from pre-pandemic times to suit current working situations. Professional SEO services often incorporate keywords that are in trend to improve the chances of reaching your target audience. 

Frees your article from broken links

Broken links are one of the best ways to frustrate your readers. Google also ranks sites lower when it finds broken links in your article. When you choose professional SEO services to update your content, they’ll naturally check for broken links. You can also do that yourself by using the free online tools available for broken link checking. 

Broken links can mean two things. The publisher moved the article you linked to, or they have removed it entirely from the internet. You can easily search for their new address if it's the former. But, if it’s the latter, you need to find a suitable replacement that matches the quality of the previous article you linked. 

Improves ROI with little effort

Ultimately, your business blog/website content aims to get more leads to convert. Creating entirely new content takes time and costs you a lot of money. And you don’t even know if it’s going to be successful. However, you can update your already successful content to rank higher again. Choose an article that performed well when you first published it. Then, make it useful for your current audience by adding updated keywords and facts. 

Thus, you can get more ROI for very little effort. Even something as small as a spelling check may put your website back on the map. How exciting is that?

Pleases the current Google Algorithm

Google performs several tweaks every year to improve customer experience. Proactively updating your old content will help you stay on top of your target audience’s radar without much hassle. And that’s simply a smart business move. 

Final Words

A Google update shouldn’t be the only thing that drives you to make these changes. You should focus on providing true value to your customers. That is where your success journey starts! 


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