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The thing that we are most interested in a prospective clients' rankings in Google before we even consider them as a prospect is where they rank.  We look at what words are looked up by major search engines and how much traffic they get. One of our other preferred ethical SEO tactics as an SEO Company is we research competitors in a way that is non-invasive, allowing us to discover what their web pages are doing, for them.

Now, the next task is to look for competition. Obviously, there are no hidden marketing tactics on the internet if you know where (and how) to look, you can reverse engineer exactly how competitor businesses are marketing online. Business spying helps your company grow.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel for yourself, you should examine the competition, especially their approaches to promoting new customers and increasing their sales, to help you gain knowledge. The most effective method of doing so is to be emulate the competition. You can go even further and find flaws in their competitive strategy.

Let me describe some of the ways we can delve deeper and gain insight into how your rivals generate inbound leads and customers.



Knowing what your competitors' websites are built on can be helpful because it will inform you about the kind of platform you will need. You may be surprised by how far above your competitor’s website ranks above you in search results. A website that is of lesser quality may have come first in your list of choices. Moving to a more appropriate platform, such as WordPress, would allow you to expand your user base.

By hovering over a competitor's website, right-clicking on your mouse, and viewing source, you can easily spy on them and learn what platform they built on. It's fairly simple to figure out what platform the site was designed on if you know what to look for.


This day and age, website speed is critical in determining search engine rankings. Your website must load quickly and be accessible from anywhere at any time. If your site will load slower than another one of your competitors, this will result in less of an increase in your visibility. If the website is too slow to load, Google may restrict access to pages.

You can easily test how fast your site loads using this Free tool called GT Metrix. Just plug in your competitor’s URL and you can see how fast it is. You should check yours as well!


This is one of my favorite techniques for conducting competitive analysis. Our SEO company will enable us to "spy" on our competitor with a highly sophisticated (and costly) special tool to calculate the amount of organic traffic they receive from Google rankings. We can see which keywords that they are ranking for with high specificity. We can also know which of their top-performing pages are on their site (this information is gold!), as well as how much traffic they've received from that particular keywords.

We can quickly see how your rivals are outpacing you and ranking higher in the search engines because 98% of clicks go to websites on Google's front page.

Getting your website to rank higher than your competitors is absolutely necessary for increasing your website's visitors, leads, and if you want to do either of these, then a higher search engine rank is your best bet. If you want, we will be able to help with your research. A little spying can yield some great knowledge that is invaluable to enhancing your organic rankings.


By linking your company name to various Google Maps and information pages will be how competitors may be trying to bleed away all of the customers. We have a number of robust reporting tools that allow us to peer into yours and your competitors ranking on the Google Maps. Enabling your business listing to appear higher in search results will lead to a lot of potential customers coming to your site.

Getting your business listing to appear higher in search results will result in a lot of inbound phone calls and website visits from potential customers.


Your customer feedback is very important. Think about the characteristics of your own personal online shopping and searching behavior. Are you one of those people who researches online reviews before visiting a restaurant, purchasing something on Amazon, or hiring a local contractor? And, yes, so does everybody else.

One of the most powerful new forms of "word of mouth” of marketing is online reviews. You can establish yourself as the number-one choice in your market by getting feedback on your company on Google Business page and on social media platforms like Facebook and increase your customer satisfaction ratings. There is a good chance that your rivals are on the same boat. If they have a lot more feedback than you, it may be damaging your attempts to generate leads online.


Another different type of strategic analysis that we do here, is we look to see if the competitors are running Google PPC campaign. Moreover, we can identify what they're using Google Ads and know their monthly budget. We can identify their target keyword, as well as, search how long they've been running campaigns. These kinds of data are good for improving your online campaign especially your pay-per-click advertising campaign. If there are any online ads by your competitors, we will examine their methods, and we will let you know all the juicy information.


More than 40% of all web traffic on the social network is related to Facebook. With reaching your ideal customers and keeping your business and product in mind, Facebook advertisements are an excellent and profitable method for keeping your brand top of mind.  Did you know there is a simple and fast way to uncover and see what advertisements and web pages are used by your competitors? The best way to find out who is running retargeting ads is to check the source of the ad placements on their websites


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