Powerful Link Building Strategy For SEO

You must continually look for new backlink opportunities to maintain a good search ranking. Any SEO plan should include backlinks, but they are not a success you can achieve by setting something up once and forgetting about it. As time passes, backlinks may disappear, turn harmful, or lose some of their significance.

Here are a few methods for obtaining backlinks. 

  1. Copy the SEO backlinks of your rivals

Finding out who is connecting to your rivals is a major advantage. You can be sure that competitor backlinks will be high-quality for SEO because they are probably on websites related to your subject.

Some tools can assist you in studying the backlink profiles of your rivals, but this might be a labor-intensive manual process.

Launch the tool, type the competitor's URL, then click Check backlinks to complete the process. The program will audit the domain and produce a backlink profile. Look through the backlink pages, select the best prospects, and then get in touch with those websites to ask them to link to your website. 

  1. Apply the broken link construction technique

Finding backlinks to 404 pages on other websites, contacting those websites, and requesting they change the link to a related page on your website is the practice of "broken link building." It's a fantastic technique to gain backlinks and value the website.

You can locate broken backlinks mostly in two ways:

  • Identify broken backlinks from your rivals.
  • Examine the website from which you desire backlinks.

Once more, offer the site owner a substitute if you have an appropriate one. You may even produce new material that you then provide them if you believe it would be a worthwhile backlink, but bear in mind that there is no assurance the work you put in would be rewarded.

  1. Make an effort to retrieve lost backlinks

You would change the Backlink Page Info for your website in SEO SpyGlass by going to Backlink profile > Backlinks. The program would scan the chosen sites again and notify you of any missing links. It's beneficial to take the effort to identify which of your old backlinks are broken or have vanished in addition to acquiring fresh backlinks.

There are several causes for your connections to have vanished, including:

  • The site owner could have changed the link (the link is missing).
  • The backlink page may no longer exist (page not found).
  • The website might not be accessible right now (the site is down).
  • The page might not be indexed.

You must contact the site owners and request help if a backlink is missing. 

  1. Create links using images

Creating and promoting visuals (infographics, graphics, product shots, cartoons, you name it) is worthwhile to increase the number of backlinks. It seems reasonable that people would click on images since they draw attention and take up space. Set up filters in your SEO tool to check if any target URLs contain image formats to see if any of your backlinks point to picture directories.

To find out whether somebody is using your photographs, you may check Google Images. You can ask them to add a link if the website is reliable and you're okay with them leaving it there.

  1. Post guest blogs

Guest writing will increase your reputation and expose your brand to new audiences, but it's also a terrific SEO plan if you include a link to your website within the text. 

  1. Get included in "best of" lists

Being included on "best of" lists is undoubtedly a fantastic way to validate your goods or service, and it also places a link to your website on a reliable, authoritative website.

Using a tool like Online Backlink Checker, look through a competitor's website to locate the lists you could be a fit for. Pay close attention to the dofollow backlinks that contain words like "best" and "top." You can inquire about the procedure for being included in the list by contacting the author or site owner.

  1. Interact with other industry professionals

Engaging with others in your business through networking, events, or social media may help expose your website and content to more individuals who may link back to you.

Consider joining some apt Facebook Groups, for instance, and engaging in chats, participating in discussions, and sharing important links. Pay attention to what other community members publish if you decide to join an online community. 


There isn't a single effective tactic that controls your backlink profile. Try these strategies to add variety, credibility, and trustworthiness to your websites.

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