Run Out of Content to Produce? Here's Exactly What You Need to Do

Every content creator must be familiar with this troubling scenario. You churn out highly engaging content for some time, but then all of a sudden, you realize that you've run out of every single idea at your disposal. We all are also familiar with the advice that to discover good ideas, we should view ourselves as the persona of our buyers. In other words, you should think like your audience or customers. 

The advice is hard to ignore as it sounds incredibly valuable. There's no doubt that it is of much value. But only if it was as easy as it sounds. You cannot just walk into another person's shoes until you go out there and do your research. 

What you have written has been written somewhere else before. What you are talking about has been talked about by another person before. In this age of content overload, how can you stand apart? By putting some fresh ideas to the fore. 

Here are some useful suggestions for you which will help you to stride out of that dreaded situation of not being able to find something to write on. 

1.  Discover Novel Keyword Research Tools

Did you think that keyword research was only reserved for SEO purposes? Well, you are mistaken. Keyword tools are useful resources in your arsenal that provide you with a deep understanding of your target audience's questions, interests, likes, and preferences. Just by using these tools, you can find novel ideas to write about as you get an understanding of what your audience is really looking for. 

But it's not about picking a favorite tool and using it all the time. There's a need to shuffle your toolset. It means using a new tool every now and then. It is because each one utilizes a different data set and imparts you with novel ideas. You can choose anyone from the following.

  • Answer the Public – The tool is perfect for question research. Question phrases that start with 'who', 'what', 'when', 'why' are among the best content ideation sources. They give you greater organic visibility as you increase your chances of getting featured on Google's 'People also ask' results. The best part is that even though it has a $79 a month subscription, you don't really need to invest in this amount because the free version is also very helpful on its own. 
  • Ubersugggest – It's a free tool that gives you keyword suggestions, search volume data, and ideas of keyword ranking difficulty. If you sign into this tool with your Google account, you'll see even more keyword suggestions along with personalized SEO suggestions. 
  • Long Tail Pro – It shows an overview of the data related to your keyword. It also gives you a solid idea of how you rank on the search engine's first page against your competitors.

2.  Listen to Your Current and Future Customers

.. With content, there's a need to make it tailored to your current and future customers. Rather than trying to be heard, aim for being listened to by your prospective audience. Use visual tools and ask questions to your audience. It will help you to create buyer personas and target them even more powerfully than before. Start by asking them general questions about their lifestyle, then narrow down to specific questions like what issues they face when exploring your services and if they are covered on the site.

You can also set up a routine to document the feedback from your customers. Some good solutions to find out what content to create is to use analytics from your web and tools like Finteza.

3.  Don't Forget about Seasonal Trends.

Don't forget about seasonal trends and holidays, as when you're able to cash in on a particular trend, you'll always become the recipient of a boost in your interactions and an increase in your following.

Seasonal trends offer you the advantage of organizing your calendar in advance. The trends are pretty easily predictable, and they happen every single year. It means that once set up, you can use your calendar again as a reference to organize your strategy for seasonal content. You can learn from the results that you saw in the past, and on its basis, improve your current plan.

Take the help of Google Spreadsheets and plan out content ideas for every major trend, like summer holidays, festivals, and other days that are relevant to your audience. Planning in advance will make sure that you will always have something to offer to people no matter what.

4.  Online Isn't the Only Place to Search for Inspiration

While everyone today is searching for ideas on the web for their online audience, sometimes you should give a thought to the real world as well. You can get so much inspiration from the real world if you try to seek out. Figure how different experiences of people in your domain link to what you provide and leverage social media channels to share it with your audience. 

Become a part of your local community if you want to really understand what your target audience needs. Connect with other local businesses and start getting inspiration for topic ideas right away.

5.  Create Content from Old Ones

It is a secret weapon of every successful writer in the digital marketing world. It entails getting more out of what you have written. Do you wonder how some people are able to produce so much without getting others to write for them? 

It is because they know the art of content repackaging. Simply put, content repackaging refers to developing new content out of the old one. You can do it by:

  • Gathering articles and putting them together into an Ebook. You can then do a giveaway of it on your site. It will also boost your following.
  • Develop a webinar with all that you've written so far.
  • Produce newsletters. 
  • Turn your posts into infographics.
  • Use your old content in a podcast. 
  • Create a mini-email course with some of your similar content. 

Once you start experimenting with these ideas, you will be surprised at how much you can do with your old content. Don't let your content be only a one time read for your audience. Get as much value from it as you can. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find it attracting a new niche of an audience to your business.

Final Words

No writer ever has a smooth time producing content on a regular basis. Content ideation is definitely not easy. But you don't have to look at it as a constant struggle. Get inspired by the ideas listed above and start churning awesome pieces of content for your target audience.

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