The Best eCommerce Copywriting Techniques for Every Digital Marketer

Everywhere you see, you can find a copy: your landing page text, promotional emails, and the content on your introductory brochure. Anything you write to earn sales, those exact words are nothing but copy. A copy attracts readers and is the way of communication between businesses and customers today. Website copywriting may sound easy but turns out to be challenging when you get to it. Does that mean that you cannot create great copies? Certainly not. What you need are certain copywriting secrets in your arsenal. They will allow you to develop content that your readers find irresistible. In this post, you're going to discover those exact secrets in detail. 

eCommerce Copywriting – What Does It Mean?

An eCommerce copywriter creates content for a website that immediately appeals to visitors. You can find copywriting examples in the content that makes up product descriptions, headlines, category pages, promotional offers, and landing pages. Here, persuasive writing skills can pave the way for a significant increase in sales. Not only that, eCommerce copywriting, when done correctly, also allows your store to rank higher on different search engines.

What Makes for a Successful eCommerce Copywriting Process?

So what's the process of generating compelling copies? Here are the ways you can create truly attention-grabbing content pieces for your readers. 

Understand the product thoroughly.

To create an attractive copy, you need first to comprehend the product on which you are generating a copy. It should reflect the brand identity. It would help if you also created a USP or unique selling proposition so that your audience has a reason to look into your offering.

A good USP gives clear answers to the following questions:

  • Why should your prospective customers buy your product?
  • What is it exactly that your product will help them with?
  • What makes your offering unique?

Know the needs and demands of your customer base

It's very important for you to pinpoint exactly what your audience wants. The best way of discovering this information is by researching your customer base. Once you know your audience's preferences, you'll find the process of creating eCommerce copies becoming a lot smoother. You then can easily customize your copy according to what your audience wants.

There are many platforms, like Reddit and Quora, which can give you important insights into the likes and dislikes of your customers. The information you gather from these channels will help you a lot in producing compelling copies that fulfill your audience's needs.

Draw people with the power of Storytelling

All the different eCommerce copywriting examples that do well share a fundamental characteristic. They draw a picture of how a buyer's life will change after they use a specific product. It is done by leveraging the power of storytelling. Through simple words and in a story format, you can tell your customers about the various benefits of your products. Such kinds of narratives instantly pique the curiosity of people and allow them to connect with your brand.

While doing so, take into account these tips.

  • Write short sentences. These are perfect for communicating various aspects of your offering. 
  • Keep a consistent writing style. It allows your message to remain consistent and cohesive throughout the copy. 
  • Use an active voice as much as you can. It imparts an energetic vibe to the whole copy. 
  • Maintain content relevancy. The body content should not deviate from what you have written in the headline. 
  • Your copy should not be more than 1000 words in length. This word limit is apt for keeping your audience engaged.
  • Never lose sight of the needs of your audience while you are writing. It will allow your copies to speak directly to your readers.

Use AIDA, an incredible copywriting formula.

Some of the best-selling products in the market employ the AIDA method in their copies. This method facilitates more conversions. AIDA stands for:

  • Attention, which entails captivating the reader's focus.
  • Interest, which means providing your customers with something they can resonate with.
  • Desire, which is all about making your audience crave your product or service.
  • Action, which means stimulating your audience to make the purchase.

Copies that are woven in this manner almost always turn out to be a hit among people. What's so great about this method is you don't need to be verbose. Even with a few words, you can generate flawless copies. 

Create catchy and informative headlines.

Eighty percent of people scan the headlines of a copy to decide on their subsequent action. Thus, you should pay a significant amount of attention while writing it. A poorly written headline will never yield you conversions. Some tips for writing click-worthy headlines include the following.

  • Understand the audience base for whom you are writing.
  • Create three to five headlines and pick the one that you think aligns with your reader's interest.
  • Outline the problem or the issue in the headline.
  • Write a prominent benefit of your service or product in the headline. Do not make your headlines very similar to those written by your competitors. 
  • Determine if your headlines are causing conversions. Change them if the conversion rate isn't improving.

Don't make the mistake of focusing on the product features

Honestly, people are not concerned with what different products do. They are more interested in how they can serve them well. So, instead of rambling about the features of your offering, tell your audience the benefits it can give them. When you do that, you provide a chance for your customers to take steps to improve their life. 

A great practice when writing product copies is always to put the product's benefit with its feature. Copies written in such a manner make your customers more emotionally connected with your product also helps for SEO. The more emotionally connected they are, the higher their chances are to invest in it.

The Bottom Line

The tips explained above will allow you to craft a great copywriting strategy for enhancing conversions and sales. Just remember to write as yourself. Let your unique brand voice shine through all your copies. Also, avoid making copies similar to your competitors. You want to give a unique experience to your readers. Only then will they be able to connect to you on a deeper level.

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