The Most Efficient Ways to Boost Your Cannabis Marketing

Are you a cannabis brand? If so, we highly suggest you conduct a Google search on CBD companies in and around your area. Do you find yourself coming in the top search results? If not, then the time is right for you to start investing in search engine optimization or SEO for your company. It's the only way by which you can rank on the search results page and bring quality traffic to your website.

Honestly, over time it is becoming increasingly more challenging for CBD brands to make their presence felt. It’s not just because of the nature of the service. Currently, the market is quite saturated, and new CBD businesses are emerging with every passing day. All this means that you need to gain a competitive edge to make a name for yourself. 

Therefore, it is more important than ever to work on different aspects of your SEO. Here are some of the top ways you can effectively garner visitors and, consequently, sales for yourself. 

  1. Search for Relevant Keywords

This point is quite simple. If you want your site to appear in front of people’s eyes, you need to select the keywords that people are using. Fortunately, there are numerous tools at your disposal. So, this task becomes a lot easier.

Use tools like KeywordsFX to conduct good keyword research. When you are sifting through your keywords, pay more attention to the long-tail ones. These are types of keywords that comprise three or more words. For instance, ‘CBD topical cream’. Long-tail keywords help you drive more traffic. It is because people who use such keywords are searching for specific results. In other words, when there is clarity of the search intent, you can be sure that these people are looking for your type of business.

After finding such keywords, put them into your content organically. Stick to this habit for some time, and soon you will see an improvement in your site ranking and traffic. 

  1. Optimize the Meta Tags

Meta tags, like title tags, meta description, and header tags, play a critical role in making your website rank higher on Google. It’s because the search engine determines the relevance of your pages through these tags. Some meta tags that you can optimize include the following:

  • Title tag – You want your title to be engaging and exciting. Keep it within the 60 characters limit, so it doesn’t get cut off. If you work hard on your title tags and craft a good one, you will see it showing up in search engine results.
  • Meta description – It is a summary of the content of your page. Although it does not directly affect your search engine results ranking, people will only click on your website if the meta description appeals to them. Let it be within the 155-character limit. Ensure that you are integrating your main keyword into it.
  • Header tag – These tags come at the top and are present throughout the content pages. They provide your readers with a preview of what they can expect. Your readers will use the header tags to understand your content, so they are essential for you to work on. While you are making them, ensure that you have incorporated your target keyword. 
  1. Build Your Local Presence 

Don’t ever forget about optimizing your local presence. There are a vast majority of people who look for local CBD brands and their products. If you provide excellent products but have not optimized your website for these types of searches, then you are guaranteed to miss out on a large chunk of traffic.

Some ways by which you can optimize for local SEO are:


  • Make use of Google My Business Listing – This listing appears in search engines when people look for local services. After claiming your listing, start filling it out. Verify all your credentials and put essential information like the hours you operate, your website link, and photos. It will help you build greater trust among people who are looking for such services. 
  • Update your NAP information – Your company information will be seen on different sites. People can find you through directories like Yellow Pages. So, make sure that you have fully updated information on all these places. More importantly, ensure that your information on these directories perfectly matches that on your Google My Business listing. Check every local directory to make sure that your information is consistent throughout. 
  • Optimize your website for local keywords – These types of keywords have a location attached either to the end of it or at the beginning: for example, CBD companies in Toronto or Toronto CBD companies. Optimize your site so it appears when people in these areas search for your service. 
  1. Engage in CBD Content Marketing

You cannot escape content marketing if you want to optimize your website for the search engine and enhance your audience base. Content marketing entails creating meaningful and engaging pieces of information about your industry and putting them in front of your audience. When you have different types of content about your services, you can easily make your mark in your field. People begin to view your business as something they can trust. They also look at you as a source of information. It, in turn, enriches your brand presence and shapes your brand identity. 

You can create your content for your CBD products and services in various formats. Some of the formats you should utilize for content marketing include blogs, infographics, videos, eBooks, and podcasts. These content formats appeal to people of different tastes and preferences. While creating content, keep in mind to make it as informative as you can. In addition, your content should provide solutions to the problems or queries of your audience. This will allow you to conduct an adequate search on your topics on search engines. 

When your content matches with the search intent of the users, it directly delivers beneficial information. At the same time, ensure that you are posting your content often. You need to be active if you want to drive more traffic to your website. 

Summing up

You can start implementing these tips to see improvement in your search engine results ranking. However, remember that a great Cannabis SEO campaign will not yield results immediately. You might have to wait for some time before you see some improvement. Today, it has become quite challenging for CBD businesses to market their products and services on various platforms. It is because of the strict rules and regulations. In such a case, you can take advantage of expert SEO professionals. They know how to craft an intelligent SEO strategy that will help you build your business rapidly.

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