The Only Cannabis SEO Tips You Need to Increase Website Traffic

Every brand works to expand its awareness and get more customers, which in Every brand works to expand its awareness and get more customers. In today's digital era, it is only possible when they have a high search engine ranking. Although cannabis companies do encounter a bit of a challenge when promoting their offerings on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, they still have a lot of scope for optimizing their web presence. 

Search engine optimization or SEO for CBD businesses is no longer an option among many to enhance their reach. It's now a robust digital marketing tactic that they need to implement. After all, the more qualified site traffic you will receive, your potential customers will increase. 

Cannabis, marijuana, or dispensary SEO entails influencing the web visibility of your website in the unpaid results of the search engine. These unpaid results are also called 'organic' or 'natural' results. Every SEO tactic that you implement will help you drive qualified visitors and convert them into a tribe of returning customers.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, these satisfying results will only be possible when you attain clarity over critical cannabis SEO techniques. Let's find out how you can enrich your marijuana marketing strategy.

Assess the Existing Organic Search Traffic Before Implementing an SEO Strategy

It's essential not to plunge into a marijuana SEO strategy right off the bat. Take some time to analyze the current search traffic of your website to identify crucial user behavior metrics. The parameters you should focus upon include:

  • The number of unique visitors who arrive at your website from organic search.
  • Which of your pages perform the best.
  • The kind of keywords your target customers are using to search for your content.

You can find answers to all these questions by diving into your site's Google Analytics account. If you don't have Google Analytics code on your site, let this article indicate to you to implement it as soon as possible.

After getting the relevant data, analyze your site's top ten web pages to see what they share. Identify your most informative and valuable posts that educate users on CBD oil's health benefits, history of the cannabis plant, its growth, and the various kinds of marijuana strains you offer.

Once you assess all your top-performing posts, you'll notice that they share many things in common. They will include:

  • The content quality
  • The content length 
  • The number of images or any other type of media 
  • On-page SEO optimization technique to optimize these posts.

Once you find the things they share, identify other similar posts or make new ones and upgrade them based on back-end metadata and on-page content. 

Understand the Intent of Pot Users

An intelligent cannabis SEO marketer is always trying to achieve a single goal. It is how cannabis users can search when they are trying to find CBD products. Any SEO always includes keyword research. Isn't there a vast number of tools available for the same? Have you ever wondered why this is so? 

Keyword research is a process to understand how people use certain words to look for a specific product. Today, it is more focused on comprehending the search intent of the user. It thus should be a vital tenet of your dispensary SEO technique. A robust and sustainable strategy should be based on how a CBD user searches for a product and why they search for a specific product.

No two people search in the same manner. Some make use of long-tail keywords, while others conduct a voice search. Those searches conducted on mobile devices are different from those done through laptop and desktop systems. But you need to understand how your target customers are using search engines. When you know it, you will immediately start noticing results. Perhaps you need to incorporate more conversational search terms or eliminate specific keywords. You can only find the right solution by testing your strategy.

Don't Neglect the Need for Mobile Optimization.

At first glance, this point may sound quite obvious and not worthy of a mention. However, there are innumerable examples to the contrary. That's why we reiterate that your cannabis SEO plan should always include a mobile-adaptive, optimized and responsive website. 

Cannabis customers, like others, love to spend loads of time on their smartphones. An efficient SEO plan entails comprehending the 'mobile consumers' and how their searching habits vary when they move versus a laptop or desktop user.

To understand your customers better, step back and put yourself in their shoes. How would you conduct your research for a marijuana dispensary near you when you need it the most? Most likely, you will open your smartphone, not your computer. On finding a particular website not loading well, you're going to check out another competing dispensary

Suffice to say that smartphones are going to become a significant tenet of an effective marijuana SEO plan. Have you optimized your website for it yet?

Optimize Your Site for Peak Performance Aka Focus on Technical SEO

A discussion on SEO for CBD brands cannot be complete without elaborating on technical SEO. Never ignore the technical side. It's the secret weapon to seeing your website rank at the top. Some practical technical SEO tips include:

  • Compressing the site images for increasing its speed.
  • Making use of tracking tools to determine the way users engage with your site.
  • Ensuring the website can be easily crawled. It means building an XML sitemap and submitting it to Google.
  • Using schema markup to categorize the CBD content on your site for the search engine to begin indexing your web pages and articles.
  • Limiting too many HTTP requests. Every time a site loads, the server gets a call for accessing suitable site files. Too many requests bring the server down.
  • Making use of browser caching. It saves the resources on the system of a searcher, and when they come back to the website, they are able to find what they need faster.

Summing up

The cannabis industry is expanding at a rapid rate. Naturally, business owners are doing all that they can to connect with their audience better. If you haven't started promoting your brand through the aforementioned methods, it's high time for you to consider it. Cannabis marketers everywhere are increasingly making use of innovative approaches to reach their audience. The earlier you invest in a great marketing strategy, the better your prospects are.

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