Why do you need a dispensary marketing agency?

There are so many reasons that you need a dispensary marketing agency. First, a good marketing strategy will allow your business to grow. Using a team of experts that includes professionals with experience in digital marketing, SEO, social media and more, you can develop an edge over your competitors. Second, advertising your product and services online has never been more critical. With the changes in medical marijuana laws in Canada, prospective customers now have more reasons to go online and research what products are available in their area.

What are the services of a dispensary marketing agency?

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  3. Programmatic Advertising
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Website development
  6. New Branding Methodologies

1.Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO in the cannabis industry is not just about getting your product found by search engines. It's also about getting people to know about you, your business and your products. With that in mind, you must understand how SEO works in a dispensary. To put it simply, SEO consultants work with various legal stateside medical and recreational marijuana companies to boost all aspects of their marketing campaigns regarding website design, social media advertising and SEO bookkeeping.

2.Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a new way for dispensary owners to reach their customers. It's about building a solid community through shared experiences and positive peer support. These unique and innovative ways of advertising will help you create a community filled with love and support. In today's culture, where patient-centric care is prioritized over sales-driven approaches, SMM integrates the two best aspects of the business — word-of-mouth and community-building into a promising approach for patients and caregivers seeking effective ways to access medicine. In addition, Cannabis marketing agencies and marijuana SEO services allow you to access the latest news in the world of cannabis and build a strong community based on shared experiences.

3.Programmatic Advertising

Medical dispensaries make a lot of money. It's estimated that the medical industry in Canada  will earn 21 billion dollars in revenue by 2021, an increase of 37 per cent from 2015. That makes it a lucrative business, but it also brings with it a lot of responsibility. Medical dispensaries have to follow some rules, which means there's a lot of opportunity for scamming patients out of cash. For instance, CannMart has seen a shift towards programmatic advertising in recent years, allowing CannMart to reach a new audience. Programmatic means that instead of selling a specific product, buyer information such as their credit card number is sent to CannMart and used for advertising. The advertiser receives a small fee every time someone uses their credit card on CannMart, just like any other store. As a result, there has been a significant shift in advertising for CannMart, which is now leading the programmatic advertising.

4.Content Marketing

Are you an individual passionate about the medical industry and would like to work in an industry that positively impacts society? Content marketing is a way to enhance your written medical content and visual medical content by using words and images within the content itself. Content ideas come from various sources; it's not limited to business or even news organizations. You can come up with the content on your own or pitch it to a team if you think it's worth pursuing. It's simple. It's the type of content that helps draw targeted customers to your website and increase conversion rates.

5.Website development

The next time you visit any top cannabis dispensary websites, you can quickly notice how important design is to their success. These businesses have devoted thousands of dollars and hours to create beautiful website designs. Whether you are selling brick and mortar products or digital information, the goal for any business owner is growth. Growth means that you are creating new customers and retaining the ones that you already have. To develop new customers, people need to find your business! 

6.New Branding Methodologies

The craft of growing is not very remunerative, but some professions lend themselves to a lifetime of service. A branding exercise is a critical element in the development and growth of any business. With a brand, you can build a solid connection for your audience and eliminate much guesswork regarding marketing and sales. Hemp branding is no different. Entrepreneurs must create a solid impression from the get-go instead of being more selective later. The same principles apply to any other niche market endeavour, for example, farmers markets, boutiques, or personal trainers.

There is a lot of need for marketing to grow medical marijuana businesses. It's healthy for business, and there are many benefits, like bringing in new customers and generating new revenue. But this guide shouldn't be treated as gospel. It's not a strategy for getting customers; it's a framework for thinking about marketing and building a product that will help you make money from them.

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