Why eCommerce SEO Is Vital for Your Business Growth

39% of all eCommerce traffic accrues from online searches. Out of it, 35% comes from organic, while paid search accounts for just 4% of the traffic. Naturally, there must be something very effective about eCommerce SEO. This statistic is certainly quite reassuring for brands and retailers. It means that a large chunk of shoppers prefers to use search engines for making their purchasing decisions.

If you are an eCommerce brand, you must realize how immensely helpful it is for you to climb to the top of the Google search page and expand your visibility. It’s time to stop believing that SEO techniques are only reserved for conventional websites and businesses. In fact, right now is perhaps the best time for you to optimize your eCommerce store and make it SEO-friendly.

Why eCommerce Needs SEO

eCommerce stores have a lot to gain from organic traffic. Focusing more on it is the key to ranking higher and acquiring more customers. If you have been a store owner for long, you might be aware that it’s quite hard for an eCommerce website to rank. You need to place the right keywords correctly in small descriptions, make your website incredibly user-friendly, and also check for quality images. Put simply, optimizing for eCommerce is a task that is easier said than done.

Most eCommerce marketers focus on quick gains. They are not inclined to optimize the websites for search engines as they cannot notice its gains in a short period. But this approach will not prove to be of much use in the long term. Everyone desires quick results as they impart instant satisfaction. But after you read the top reasons for considering SEO, you will soon begin to incorporate it as a major strategy.

Organic Visibility Is the Most Effective Way to Expand Your Audience Base

Search engines like Google drive traffic online. Did you know that the first search page results of Google grab approximately 71 percent of traffic online? We can easily deduce that if you are a stranger to Google, then you are estranged from your target audience as well.

Recently added functionalities like ‘Featured snippets’, and ‘People also ask for’ have increased the importance of SEO dramatically. The Featured snippets are even more effective than the number one position in Google search.

Why so? Well, it is because if a page ranks on top of the search engine, it will capture 26 percent clicks. However, if there is a Featured snippet that is put above the number one result, this share lowers down to 19.6 percent.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) Can Tremendously Affect Your Sales

People do not purchase anything they want blindly. An average person views 3 to 5 content pieces developed by a brand before reaching out to a sales person. What does it mean? It means that if your target audience is not able to find you in such a valued space that triggers their buying decision, then you will miss out on a large majority of your prospective customers.

You certainly don’t want that to happen. Remember that your organic visibility turns into clicks, which, in turn, leads to sales.

SEO Beats Paid Marketing in Terms of Cost Efficiency

Organic traffic, which is the result of an effective SEO strategy comes with zero cost. If you consider other tactics like influencer marketing or paid-per-clicks (PPC), you will find its effects lasting only till the campaign is going on. In other words, with paid campaigns, you will only generate results till you are ready to keep spending.

If your marketing budget is tight, a well-organized search optimization strategy is your best bet. Remember that you will only gain results with SEO till you are actively monitoring Google’s algorithm changes. Its an ongoing effort, and you need to stay on top of this game to win.

SEO Makes You Impart a Seamless User Experience

If you want to rank higher, then you need to prepare your website for it in various ways. Google’s algorithms have various criteria for sites to rank higher. On the technical side of it, you will have to optimize your site for mobile users. You will also need to increase the page loading speed and implement the security measures as well. If your website does not adhere to the best security practices, Google will detect it and bring down your ranking.

On the content side, you need to place keywords rightly, make your content fully unique, use meta tags and rich snippets. All of them go a long way in helping you provide a robust user experience. It also means that you need to continuously research about the best practices so that you deliver value to your users. This positive user experience only comes about as a result of optimizing your website for search engines. It, in turn, pays off in the form of greater customer trust and credibility. Every business desires these two things.

SEO Efforts Bring Results That Last for a Very Long Time

You might be tempted to invest in paid campaigns. But once you start optimizing your site for search engines, you will find that the organic traffic that you generate will benefit you for a prolonged time period. The more that you are on the top, more increase will be in your clicks, and consequently, in conversions.

It can never happen with paid conversions. You will be back to square one the moment the campaign ends. You won’t need to start from scratch if you invest your time and energy in generating organic traffic, unlike in the paid campaigns. SEO also augments other marketing tactics that you implement.

For instance, the speed at which your site loads exert a huge influence on both Google’s bots to crawl your site, as well as customer satisfaction. Google has a definite crawl budget. It means that the bot can crawl only a set number of pages. If your website has a slower load time, it will mean that Google’s bot has less time to crawl other pages in your site.

Ask your site developer to sync up with SEOs so that you are able to prioritize optimizing load times for important pages of your site.

SEO for eCommerce Has Ceased to Become Optional

Often, eCommerce brands fail to realize the extent to which search engines like Google are entrenched into the daily life and routine of customers everywhere. It is the foremost reason why optimizing for search engines is vital to attain positive financial results. Business owners fail to prioritize it as the ‘issue’ is not always visible to them. The reality of today is that SEO deserves a substantial marketing budget of yours.

Forgetting to optimize for search engine through various mediums will only have you limiting your growth potential. Many people neglect data analytics and implement only a few optimizing activities without any solid plan for it. You will soon realize that it is the secret weapon to helping you beat your competitors and increase your sales and revenue. Today, there is no denying the fact that if you want to become the market leader in your domain, you need to implement SEO. What’s more, it's cost-efficient yet delivers results that stay with you for a lot many years.

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